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Very Dangerous - London/south

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Information received from SCD9 Metropolitan Police via ECP:

Dangerous individual Antonio Lorenzo targeting sex workers predominantly in the London area - dissemination of his name and photograph has been authorised by SCD9’s acting Chief Superintendent Duthie.

SCD9 say that their intelligence suggests he targets both indoor and street sex workers. He presents a very high risk to sex workers (high end charging in region of £200 to £300 per time) whom he has visited regularly and reports state he has continuing violent sexual fantasies about mutilating and disembowelling females (predominantly blonde/blue eyes or green but brunettes also at risk).

This is all the information I have but if I find out more I will post it. I can't post the photograph here because I don't think the software allows it, but it is there on the relevant thread on SAAFE, and I can email it out also if anyone wanting it sends me an address.

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