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Just read an article in the Stella magazine about sex trafficking which occurred in Bosnia after the war, seemingly fuelled by UN peace keeping forces. It is harrowing in detail and written by NISHA LILIA DIU #NISHALILIADIU, who interviewed dutch lady called Kathryn Bolovac. Kathryn worked in Bosnia and witnessed trafficking at first hand, and attempted to stop it. She found many of the UN contractors and police were involved in this traffic. She Whistle Blew and was sacked as a result.

This has been made into a film (2010), The Whistleblower.

The article at the end descends into what should be done about trafficking, and this is where it goes wrong. Quotes came exclusively from the abolitionist sides of Eaves, Poppy, and Somaly Man Foundation. The Somaly Man Foundation and its supports who are doing so much harm to sex workers in Cambodia.

Close to home the figure on trafficked women and children in Wales and England is

The most recent figure for England and Wales is 12,000, which Abigail Stepnitz of the British anti trafficking organisation Poppy Project, calls a 'tip-of-the-ice-berg number'

The 12,000 figure I presume comes from this police report which actually states 2,600 are believed to be trafficked into prostitution. Yes the Poppy Project are adding in the at risk category.

Analysis of the police figures by Stephen Patterson, suggests that even 2600 is a rather high value. Nick Mai's research also would suggest the figure is high. His estimate of coerced migrant sex workers is 6%. while the police consider there to be 17,000 migrant workers. That suggests 1020 trafficked/tricked women.

Alas there is no link to the article yet, I see the IUSW have already tweeted to #NISHALILIADIU querying her statistic. Interesting if they get a response.

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