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Nick's first time...

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sorry i am back.

Ok well i recently came out of a long term relationship and have been on some dates, but they were a bit of a waste of time.

So my friend took me to a house ( just a house in a street) near me on saturday night and a woman answered, and we went upstairs.

then 5 lovely girls came out and i picked a beautiful 20 year old russian girl.

they said it was 40 pounds for 20 minutes...

( i needed about 5)

But was wondering, the whole experience was amazing...

but worried about 2 things...

40 pounds seems awfully cheap, as she was stunning..or can this be the norm?

and if the police caught me in there, would i be in trouble?:D

never do drugs, nothing like that.

Just so i know for next time

thanks all :D

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