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Angry guy E.Mids/Nottm

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Weird and possible blackmailer E Mids/Nottm

Late 30s, possible Arab/Asian , very hard to say. wavy hair about 2" long-dark brown , very very dark brown eyes, 5'7" max, average build, swarthy , facial hair ++ , acne type scars on visible facial skin. Said he was from Nottm. Snart casual dress,smart jacket , tailored trousers, nice shoes.Found me on the web.

Strong accent but really hard to say what, definitely not like an Asian accent. Very eloquent with the English language , sounded educated. Very very polite and pleasant on the phone

Came to see me,walked up and down and round about before he eventually knocked. Looked really agitated , shifting about and fidgeting all the time, no eye contact. I got a really bad gut feeling and said that I couldn't offer him an appintment , sorry to waste his time etc. He didn't seem just nervous , was just looking really angry.He started shouting as I opened the door and encouraged him out, my door was on the main road , mostly really crude insults about prostitutes. He texted constantly after he left saying I should be ashamed of myself, dirty whore etc. He tried to ring , I didn't pick up, emailed , I ignored. I thought he was just annoyed as I had turned him away.

However about 2 weeks after, he booked someone I know, also an indie , about 5 miles from Nottm. Told her also that he was from Nottm . She did see him , the booking went badly as she found him rough and disrespectful of her limits. She offered to let him stay for his 30 mins after he reached his conclusion after 5 mins - she says bacause she felt intimidated,but he became really abusive , the same stuff as to me , dirty whore etc. He demanded a refund and she became so scared that she gave him one. He has texted her repeatedly since and said he will tell her family what she does , that she should have her kids taken away etc etc. She did not tell him any personal details , he may be taking a shot in the dark but he appears to be one cross guy. He booked her via a local newspaper.

Both bookings were evening ones. 7pm and 8pm

His phone is 078...24..9. Please PM if you want the whole thing,

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