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MASH's (Manchester Outreach) Sex work findings in Berlin

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HH don't wan't you to see this report, they visited brothels and talked with street workers:

a few points:

It was very noticeable that there are relaxed attitudes to sex work activity in Berlin and it is obvious that there is tolerance and acceptance from the

general public. A lot of the women we engaged with in the sex industry

seemed business like and independent and this is probably because they

have recognition that what they are doing is a job rather than an illegal activity

The MASH team observed that the project workers in Berlin had less of a focus on personal safety issues than that of projects in the UK. Although violence still exists against sex workers in Germany the project workers in Berlin stated that violence against sex workers was low.

As mentioned in the law section women in decriminalized zones feel more

empowered, they are informed and now they have rights. Perpetrators of

violence can be deterred by this which could be a reason why crimes and

violence on sex workers is lower in Germany. In the UK violence and crime

against street based sex workers has always been too high. Many

perpetrators of violence escape conviction because the women involved feel

they have no rights and no one will care or listen so therefore they do not take the matter to the police.

From what we observed in Berlin we all felt that sex work operated much

more effectively when decriminalised. Predominantly the safety of the women

stood out above anything. As we left the areas where the women worked we

did not think about the vulnerability of the women which is often the case in

the UK. It was a very worthwhile exercise visiting Berlin and the experience

gained from their model would be more than useful should the UK ever

consider decriminalisation.

more here:

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