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Field Reports You Wish You Had Written?

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I have had a quick check through previous posts, however couldnt find a thread dealing with this one!.

It is a continual regret that I never wrote a field report, back in 2007. Just wondering if, in hindsight (the only exact science!) anybody else also wishes they had spent the time to write a report about an encounter they had?.

Therefore, in tribute to the young lady a didn't write a report about several years ago – I will try to do her justice now:

Location: Derby

Name: Natalie

Phone number: 0782*********

Time: 20.00

Duration: 30 mins

Fee: £70

Her Place: Mid terrace house in heavily student orientated suburb. Well kept and tidy.

Description: As I had only picked the number from the local rag, there was hardly anything by way of description. I recall It may just of said 'blonde student'. Nothing prepared me for when the front door was opened, and my jaw hit the floor. Approx 5'6', 21 or 22, slim size 8 to 10, long blonde hair, perfect figure with what I recall to be a minimum of a D cup size, oohh and a gorgeous face!!.

Meeting: I was quickly invited in (still in shock!), and ushered down the corridor to the lounge. It was at this point that I was offered the choice of another young lady (also a blonde, also a student and also fit as a butchers dog!).

I was more than happy with Natalie, and felt no need to select her house mate (she would wait till next time!).

We went upstairs, and the paperwork was taken care of.

We both stripped down to our undies, and it was then that Natalie informed me I was her first ever customer (wow).

Natalie, asked if I wanted a massage and I said 'yes' – however I lay on back, smiled cheekily and said “try this side'.

Anyway, the massage was carried out superbly.... and little encouragement was needed to get the chap to attention.

Things then started to get interesting.

I recieved oral, and we had sex in several different before the inevitable occurred whilst Natalie's legs where over my shoulders and her kneecaps where touching her own shoulders haha. A memory which I still have is the distinctive smell of her pussy, great!!.

I dressed, and was escorted back downstairs, Jade (Natalies housemate) asked when I was coming back to 'sort her out' when I passed the lounge. As it turned out, within the week!.

After this meeting I went on to see these girls on quite a number of occasions. Both seperately and as a threesome.

I also remember calling around, before the girls where going out one Friday night. They where dressed up to the nines, and where after some cash to help pay for the night out. I was so turned on I gave Natalie the hardest screwing I had ever given any lady..... I got a text bout 3am, when the girls where on their way asking if I wanted to call round. I had to cycle the 3 miles as I was over the limit, but ended up with both of them on a freebie!!.

Well guys, that is the report I wish I had written. Does anybody else wish they had written a report, here's your chance?!.

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There are a number of field reports that I wish I could share, but the ladies concerned liked their exclusivity and wished to remain in the background and appeared happy with just a handful of regular customers....which in some aspects is a shame but totally understandable as they were comfortable in the lifestyles they led...

I used to have a hell of a lot of field reports on here (I think the most at one stage) but due to a disagreement some years back decided against writing any future references....but that should definitely not deter others as it is a great source of research for those who require it, and can be a damn good read at times...

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