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I was working in Warrington, and taking the train back, but it was not until late to get a free first class ticket, I decided to walk into town to get some food, but not knowing area, I headed a likely direction. Down a street behind station, I saw an open, door, and looked in.

A friendly girl, Tiff, late 20's, said come on in. She thought I was the guy that had just rung. Anyway, good massage, swc, BJ,CIM, for a very reasonable £50. Then I asked her where I could get a curry, and said she'd show me. In actual case we had something called half&half Chinese chicken, rice and chips, I bought her one.

This is an amazing place, there's a bar here that is open to 5am, with a no shagging sign inside. Think I may come back. I'll do a full report, when the system is accepting reports again.

I wasn't even looking for a shag, as I thought Warrington was a desert between Manchester Liverpool and Crewe.

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