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One Weekend Opportunity In! Pse Or Gfe Or Duo?

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So, i have a window of late saturday afternoon, and sunday morning...

i think ...i am looking for a PSE - i'm pretty bored of the slow gfe, and maybe i am just too much of a nice guy...andwhat i really want to do, is find a lady that is proper up for it... something a bit crazier .

Type: young [less than 25], dress size 6/8, busty pref natural or well done fakies, and well up for "scream the house down" shagging - i guess a good PSE. I'm imaginging a scene where i am shagging the life out of her and she is screaming for more and for it hard, but i am in control. owo, dfk, CIM and anal a must. cost no more than 150 notes. doesn't have to be oriental , but has to be based in london.

Having perused the net/forum:

Aisha - expensive now fact what IS her rate? its not listed on the site, but the reports have touted 180, and someone here has even mentioned 200squid..!

Briony - hard to get hold of and her site says she is on holiday ..though not sure if that is BS for newbies. could someone confirm?

Shakira - ..not quite sure i fancy her facially; how accurate are her pictures? she looks a bit too..impy..? :s

Maria - she looks quite old i.e 28+ - are her pictures accurate? sorry for all the maria fans!!! I went to see Cherry once, and she was much older than i expected! Reckon 35 imo

Nana - again..doesn't quite do it for me

If not a good PSe, then recommends for a good duo..for 250max. I was looking at phoenix and August - the latter ive seen before and was hot, but not seen the former..and she looks a bit placid. anyone had the experience? are they full on interactive with each other?

Solo girls that i think are that im considering;

April @ ASM- have heard a lot before about this girl. would she fit the requirements above albeit not pse, but at least a good GFE?

Bonnie @ Olinas - looks smoking, but not many recent reports.

Sally @ 007 - i know there's another thread on her, but not many people coming forth to recommend her

Kama on the other site - anyone with good experience?

Any advice much and very appreciated! :P

Finally , an apology to you chaps - i'm going to give back to this forum as well and not just "unlurk" when im itching again ; i will reply back to my previous thread that was in a similar vein a few months back!

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