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Annabel Squires

Abusive Conman In Chelsea

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His username on ** is Englishgent28 but his posting style is easy to recognise - will post looking for 'sluts, to come to his luxury flat and offer huge amounts of money on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

I saw him last Sunday at 2.30pm in his luxury flat off Kings Road in Chelsea (please PM for the full address).

On arriving, I'd asked for the money to be ready. He told me to go upstairs and get ready and he would bring it up with wine. Upstairs he brought the wine but no money and pulled me down on to the bed. I asked for it again and he told me to stop talking and I would have it when we were done and starting having sex with me.

I should have listened to my gut but as ive not had this issue before (some people have just paid at the end), I foolishly gave him the service. At the end, he said fine I'll give you your money now, it will have to be a transfer as I've got no cash on me. Thn I got pissed off as I only accept transfers from previous customers but we sat at the computer together, I gave him the details (I use my friends account as their name is Smith so very common). He kept covering up parts of the screen so I wouldn't see his details and then quickly flashed me the screen saying look that's the confirmation screen.

Wasn't happy but thought at least i'd got paid. Rang Natwest the next day on Monday to find out how long a transfer would take - 2 days. A week later, no sign of the money at all. There should hav £500. Feel somewhat used and violated - in 6 years, this is my first incident of anything like this happening.

Yesterday I got an email from another girl on ** asking me about him. It turns out, in the very same day he saw me, an hour later, he pulled exactly the same stunt with her (though he gave her a little bit of cash, he promised the rest by bank transfer and did the whole covering up screen with her too). He was also significantly more rough with her, tearing her underwear and leaving bruises on her neck. She's asked me to post this about her too as we both feel we can't let him carry on but both have other jobs and fear exposure too much to go to the police.

He claimed to be 30. Tallish, very muscular upper body, particularly the arms, very short brown hair and tanned/mixed race skin. No distinctive tattoos.

His number is 078237796**

I don't doubt in the slightest he will be back with a new profile and pulling the same scam with other girls. He seems to have targeted us as neither of us live in London (I'm from Manchester, the other from Cambridge) so he doesn't think there will be any repercussions.

Please PM for further details or any advice.

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This guy keeps coming back with a new ** profile. Right now it's hottotrot69, he'll probably change it again though, his username was educatedfilth earlier today. I can tell it's him as every time he contacts me it's the same style of writing, always "I'm new, good-looking guy, hot, up for some fun" blah blah...I've always turned him down as I'm never convinced he's genuine.

Anyway after reading this post I realize I HAVE met him. It was way back when I was starting out as an escort, almost 4 years ago now.

I had a different profile then, as did he. I think it was something like stephen69 and he had some positive feedbacks then too.

He lives in a luxury gated blocks of apartments at the end of Kings road. I would say he's middle-eastern heritage. He's olive skinned, mid/late twenties at the time. British, well-spoken, posh.

He booked me for an hour.

When i get there, he let's me in and then almost immediately within 2 mins tells to get on my knee's and give him oral.

So I do thinking it's part of a sort of roleplay, him being a bit forceful, dominating. It never occured to me that he might not pay, probably because of his apartment, seemed very well-off to me and it did'nt even cross my mind, so i did'nt ask for the money first. I was very young, naive at the time and new to escorting.

After a while we go over to his couch. This is where he goes funny on me, he says to me "you were going to f*** me without a condom"

me: "no I was'nt"

him" yes you were, you were about to f*** me bb"

me:"no i was about to get a condom out of my bag"

then he says "I'm going to f*** you without a condom"

I say "no you're not"

"yes I am"

It continues like this for another minute, and he's very calm as he's saying this to me. As am I, because I was in shock, disappointed also and it seemed like he was testing me i did'nt actually think he'd of forced me so i was'nt scared, just thought he was trying it on with me and being a dick.

Anyway, eventually he tells me to get the condom then. Afterwards he did pay me cash. He was chatty to me afterwards as well and walked me to the gate. I didn't think too much of it at the time just thought it was a crappy escort experience and forgot about it.

I realize now after reading the post about this guy, it could of got nasty and i was really lucky it did'nt.

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