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Urgent: Nottingham Attacks/robberies

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Please pass this on to any ladies you know the Nottingham area as a matter of some urgency.

There have now been six attacks in eight nights by the same two men, although the most recent attack I know about was the 'main' man acting alone. This was last night (15th May) in a Nottingham hotel where the woman was beaten and robbed - the first reported attack I got was on the 6th of May and both men were involved.

The first man (and the one who has attacked on his own) is called Jerome but also uses the name Aaron, is about 5'6", light skinned mixed race, and in his twenties. He has a strong 'black' chav or 'hoodie' accent and has worn dark/all black clothing.

The second man is about the same height, stockier build and also light skinned mixed race, Jamaican origin/accent wearing sage green hooded coat/jacket (hands in pockets) hood up and drawstring pulled tight like Kenny the South Park character.

Their MO has been to make a booking which 'Jerome' goes ahead with, returning to the incall premises just after he has gone claming to have left something behind, which is when his friend has burst in and they have carried out these attacks and robbed the WG. 'Jerome' is getting braver now and last night attacked as soon as he arrived.

The main mobile number used has been 075841204** and they have also used 077283990** - PM me for full numbers

Corresponding thread on SAAFE is here and there will hopefully be a warning in the local AdMag tomorrow - ladies if you have blogs on AdultwŠ¾rk or personal sites, please post this as anywhere that others may read it could help.

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