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For Your Regular Punts How Much Are You Happy To Spend (i.e Not A One Off)

How Much Maximum Are you willing to pay for your Regular Punts?   21 members have voted

  1. 1. For Your regular punts How Much are you happy to spend (i.e not a one off)

    • Less than £100 per hour
    • £100-£120 per hour
    • £130-£140 per hour
    • £150-£160 per hour
    • £170-180 per hour
    • £190-£210 per hour
    • £210 plus per hour

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Given the other thread. I felt it was worth starting this new poll (I hope I set it up right).

The question of the poll is for your regular punts. As I know some people say they are willing to pay £200 for a one off singular punt.

I am talking about your regular punts you have week in, or fortnight in, or month in month out how much do you usually and how much are you happy to pay.

This seems the best way to establish the issue that men like to pay only a certain amount. Or conversly men are all happy to pay £200 per hour every week.

For the record my answer to the poll is I am very happy to pay £100-£120. I will pay over this depending on the girl.

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