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Violent Punter In Reading On 28.5.12.

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M3L155A of Reading asked me to put up the following warning on her behalf as she doesn't have internet access at present. I don't know if this is allowed. She gave me her email address in case a moderator wishes to check my authority to post on her behalf. I will check my PMs as often as I can.

This is what she gave me on a sheet of paper to put up here (corrected for spelling):-

Reporting a violent, dangerous punter, English, age 50 to 60, mild country accent.

Thin, tall, white/grey short hair, wearing sandals, short-sleeved beige shirt & black scruffy looking jogging bottoms.

He rang from 07703 4858** after seeing an ad in Thames Valley Trader and booked for 1 hour.

He started saying that he expects an hour, a full hour & said "you are going to work hardest you ever had for me for this hour".

Started the service. Then he said "Stop. You aren't sexy enough for me". He got dressed, picked up a cane & kicked open doors in my house. He thought I was alone & said he is going to fuck me up. My boyfriend came out and the punter tried to attack us both. He pulled my hair & went to punch me in the face. Boyfriend stopped him, then he tried to pull my boyfriend over the stair top bannister. He didn't as I hit him on the head with the cane I got off him.

He left.

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