Gonorrhoea Cases Soar In England

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This is an interesting and slightly concerning article.

As normal with the BBC the science is all wrong as it implies that the drop in GUM clinic tests has contributed, in some way, to the resistance of the Gonorrhoea bacteria to antibiotics. Ironically, it is actually the treatment of the bacteria that causes the increased resistance so, paradoxically, the opposite is actually true - NOT that that is any reason not to get tested of course!

The drop in GUM visits is an alarming statistic, so I thought I would post this as a reminder to us all that we need to take our hobby / work seriously and remember that we are exposed to a slightly higher risk of STD than the sexually active population as a whole. So if you have not done so already this year, get down to the local clinic. What we do affects all of us because we are all sharing each others partners on a regular basis.

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