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Chloe Of Leeds

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This post is in severe danger of looking like a promotional for this girl. It is in a sense, but this board is intended for the sharing of information, experiences and knowledge for mutual benefit. It is in that context that I am posting.

Chloe has reappeared at IK Services at Leeds. I am not sure how long she has been back, but, I first noticed her with two FRs in the last week. I know it is the same Chloe who was there about five years ago because of her distinctive Chinese-style tattoo on the left side of her stomach. In a previous life, she went under the name of Andie, or, at least, I think that was it.

I saw her in her previous time at IK, and then she was simply sensational. She nearly killed with with her energy and enthusiasm. For an all-action meeting, she would be the best I have ever come across, so to speak ! I mention her only because, if she is as good now as she was then ( and the FRs suggest she is ), she is someone well worth visiting.

Regrettably, I will not be seeing her now, because advancing years would mean that I could no longer even approach staying the distance with her. Though, on the positive side, I have just found a superb, working lady who will be my preferred partner for the forseeable future.

But, you young studs, don't miss out.

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