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You can tell I'm busy today! LPM Parties got me thinking. What if you could chose your favourite 7 girls for a mind blowing 2 hour party with the normal 2:1 ratio. These girls could be any WG's (past & present) and the assumption is the ladies would all be up for it (and you never know some may even interact!!). Pure fantasy I know but here is my Magnificent 7:

Claudia (ex Soho legend & what an arse ........the best thing from Italy since Pavarotti & Pirlo)

Antonia (ex LPM for the moves)

Jodie (LMP for the filthy snogging)

Paris (well it would be rude not to invite her..........)

Amber (ex Soho whom some may dismiss but she got the best out of me too often than I care to remember.......)

Liberty (SS in Manc........what a naughty girl)

Summer (ex HOD I played with her on the day of William & Kate's wedding but I don't remember much about the wedding....)

Which 7 would you choose & why?

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Gabby from Maxes, because she is amazing

Annabel Squires, because it frustrates me to this day that I never saw her

Amber Rayne, who was briefly available via UKSB on a couple of London tours

Tik, a fascinatingly quirky Thai girl in London a few years ago

Carmen, wonderful slim Spanish girl from Allure a long time ago

Marisa, because she was my favourite at the end of my hobby

The seventh would have to be a surprise, because choosing everything myself would just be unrealistic.

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Thought this thread was going to be about Lucy :D

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Selfishly, no male other than myself would be invited as the 'party' thing just isnt my bag at all

So my party of 8 (including me) would be:

Maria - 007 - the best there currently is as far as im concerned

Lily - ex 007 - (retired) - christongue brought this wonderful, soft, gentle, horny little sex bomb to my attention just before she left the scene - thanks chris - the closest match to pornstar Sabrine Maui I've ever met

Champagne - ex asianselection - (retired) - probably my all time favourite escort - the most perfect blend of PSE and GFE and sporting the most wonderful pair of big succulent breasts

Nadia - 007 - heartbreakingly beautiful, staggering owo skills and blessed with a stunning body that is pretty much all natural perfection

Melissa - ex Stratford Grove Sauna - (retired) - traffic-stoppingly gorgeous, tall slim, naturally big breasted, raven haired Italian, all legs and bee-stung lips, phenomenal BJ artist - the term 'sex on legs' was invented for girls like this

Stella - ex Camden Road Sauna - (retired) - statuesque, glamorously beautiful Polish blonde with the most phenomenal, huge, natural pair of firm yet gently yielding, gravity defying breasts I've ever been lucky enough to hold, squeeze, suck, knead and fuck - she totally mastered the art of knowing what 'pushes your sexual buttons'

Angel Lulu - ex Upminster flats - (retired) - delicious, tiny Thai cutie, sweet, affectionate and soft openness personified yet a demon in the bedroom - gave me an orgasm so strong that I thought I may pass out

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it will be so hard to limit it to seven but i'll try :) in the order that i met them

catherine - stunning young french mademoiselle who worked in a french flat near berwick street market in soho circa 1978 - pre aids so everything uncovered,one of the very few at that time for whom cim was de rigeur and had a wayof pulling you into her when in mish to ensure the deepest penetration.

sandy - petite busty australian blonde - saw her in cleveland street,near the post office tower,edgware road and nottingham place,near baker street - ffrom 1980 - 1985 - amazing oral,huge firm natural breasts,loved doggie,kind and sweet,became a friend and confidant,always ended appointment with a shared bath,was often her last appointment of the day and usually stayed for hours over the booked time.fell head over heels in love with her.

clare - leggy young irish blue eyed blonde - met her in a hotel bar in dubllin with her friend erin in 1986- saw them both on and off for nearly 15 years when in dublin but gradually saw more and more of clare - very tactile,could spend a whole appointment just licking her pussy,she just adored it and i loved it too.fantastic oral skills and loved licking and sucking cock,such good company as well. RIP

the original honey aka sophie of luton - first saw honey in a luton massage parlour circa 1992 and still get goosebumps at the thought of seeing her - a very special lady - and someone i consider to be a friend.stunning blonde,so beautiful,full firm breasts,great bum,gives the most amazing owo,loves ro and being fingered,seems to know exactly what i want and just does it for me,will slip a finger up my arse and suck me off into her beautiful kind of girl.honey i adoreher and always will.

natasha,aka miss cupcakes - such a lovely little minx,makes you feel like a million dollars on every visit and that you are the centre of her world,delightfully wicked dirty laugh,deserves all the plaudits she receives from her admiring punters,top notch service always and so patient.

chloekisses - the one and only,leggy redhead of mk fame,no better kisser ever,wish i had met her sooner,unique oral style and could suck cock for an eternity and one of the very best ladies that i have had the pleasure of meeting,i will never forget walking up the stairs behind her,what a view!

lucy.lovebox - drop dead gorgeous tanned and toned leggy blonde who just oozes sex appeal and for whom nothing is a problem.destined to be a great if she wants to be,intelligent and such good company as well,sweetest tasting pussy and could rim her pert bum for ever.

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