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Took a last minute outcall booking to a hotel froma guy called 'Dave'. He had no feedback but when I searched his number here nothing came up.

He was very polite, had a very nice accent and voice (sorry I'm bad with English accents, maybe from up north?) About 6ft, early 40's, toned body. Very green eyes.

Anyway, he paid up front, we got down to business on the bed but when he took off his boxers and I suggested he put a condom on he pinned me to bed, one hand over my mouth his other arm leaning heavily on my neck so I felt like I couldn't breathe. I struggled and managed to poke him in the eye really hard and got out from under him. He grabbed me by the hair and we had a bit of a tussle but luckily I was able to kick him really hard in the balls, which winded him really badly (I actually think I've broken my toe) and he fell to the floor, and was still on the floor when I left.

Managed to put on my dress and shoes and coat but left underwear behind, and loads of crap fell out of my bag when I grabbed it including the money which means I just paid £20 in taxi fares to be assaulted.

His numbers 07950381***

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