Nation Wide Ugly Mugs Scheme Launched Today

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Catherine Stephens and Shelly Stoops were on 5live last night Tthursday) discussing the Nationwide Ugly Mugs scheme which should provide intelligence to help sex-workers of all types to protect them selves from violence, and to get redress where they are assaulted. Its run by the UKNSWP and partly funded by us the tax payer.

Catherine from the IUSW and Shelly can be heard hear 39 minutes in from the program.

There was also an article in the Guardian on Thursday..

Follow the National Ugly Mugs on https://twitter.com/NationalUglyMug

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The National Ugly Mugs Pilot Scheme was actually launched officially today in Manchester- I've only just got back and I'm knackered, but the online bit is now up and running and the link to the relevant bit of the UKNSWP site is here. Individual ladies and establishments can also register from this link, and we hope as many people as possible will.

All the information anybody might want to know ought to be available via that link; I've been involved in the development since the start (as a member of the advisory group funded by the Home Office which produced the model for the pilot) and the support the scheme has from all sorts of individuals and organisations has been fantastic, but we need to use it or we don't get to keep it. It is the only fully integrated information sharing system (individuals, establishments, sex work projects, the police including SCAS and the Home Office) in the world.

Please tell the ladies you know about this. There is also a long running discussion thread on SAAFE here which might answer a few questions, but for any that aren't covered on the UK Network site or there please do drop me a PM - if I can't answer it I should know somebody who can :). When I've had some sleep, anyway.

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