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Call Girl Jailed For Tax Evasion

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A £1,000-a-night escort has been jailed for 16 months for tax evasion after she cheated HMRC out of tens of thousands of pounds.

Donna Asutaits, a 29 year-old self-employed escort earned more than £300,000 in two years, which allowed her to study for a master's degree and put down a £110,000 cash deposit on a £360,000 apartment in Knightsbridge. The £110,000 appears to be the same amount relating to a separate charge of money laundering, which Asutaits denies.

In an eerie replay of the notorious ‘Belle du Jour’ blog (pictured above), Asutaits used her earnings in part to fund her academic career. Southwark Crown Court heard she started working as a prostitute to fund a master's degree at the University of Westminster.

As reported in The Telegraph Judge Peter Testar said yesterday (9 July) she had deliberately avoided paying any tax on her earnings from the start.

"The amount of tax which is subject to this charge which has been evaded is £120,000. In my judgment this was an offence that was fraudulent from the outset carried out over a significant period of time,” he said.

"From the outset the defendant made the decision that she was not going to account to the public authorities for the money that she was receiving from her occupation."

She failed to file any tax returns for most of her decade-long working career, however the court heard that precise figures were difficult to establish "given the nature of the employment she was engaged in".

Police also carried out a search of her property and found £72,702 in cash and high value jewellery.

Prosecutors initially claimed she made £870,000 over five years and owed £315,000 in tax, but she successfully argued that her period of tax free earnings lasted just two years

A proceeds of crime hearing is expected to take place later this year to recoup some of the tax.

Asutaits denied one charge of money laundering £110,000 for two alleged criminals as well as using deception to obtain her £250,000 mortgage after she had pretended to a be a racehorse consultant. These charges have been left to lie on the file.

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Quick Calculations using HMRC quoted figuers...

£870,000 over 5 years = £174,000pa

over 48 weeks (allow for holiday etc) = £3,625.00 pw

Working Only 4 days per week = £906.25 per day

Being a High Class Escort in London , say £200.00ph = 4.5 Customers per day

Grabs his coat...

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