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Help A Fellow Punter From Abroad

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I will be on business in London tomorrow, staying overnight, so I would like to fill-in later afternoon/evening time with some local WGs. Being in a tight schedule, in particular not knowing when exactly am I going to finish my business appointments, I cannot book anything in advance but would like to have a couple of numbers handy in order to setup the rest of the day within half an hour or so, once I know I am available. Therefore, friends, please advice on a reliable agencies/independants, which are genuine and will not be a shot in the dark, in accordance with the following:

- first of all, I plan to visit LMP, but this will be tricky due to their ifxed timing, will try to give a last-minute call once I am available so maybe I manage 7-9 session.

- beside LMP, I would also go for at least one incall, my preference would be some orientals, preferably Japanese, and/or a very busty mature girl if possible

- in any case, I would like a decent incall establishment, and am ready to go up to 200 cookies/hour

- as I understand, finding a japanese WG is not an easy task, or a reliable oriental agency with decent incall

- among everything I summed-up the following:

- Butterfly touch (Dina in particular) for a body2body or nuru massage "with everything", after that some of the following two:

- HOD (is it the case they only have 2 girls in Kensington or I missunderstood something)?


Does anyone have a recommendation for a japanese girl? Or any other similar recommendation to have prepared just in case I run-out of options, or suggests to avoid some of the above?

If anyone needs a hand regarding Zagreb, just let me know :)


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