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Well, whilst not condemning or endorsing the agency, I have used them for a lady myself, also with a Finchley Rd. address with no problems. Not the lady you have linked to so....

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No reports yet - are you all keeping her to your self then?


Grateful for any reports

Give everyone a chance....her listing only popped up in the last few weeks so the lack of reports on Julie is to be expected and means little.

007 describe Julie as having a 'curvy' figure which I can't see in the overexposed photos from abroad so I don't know quite what to make of her either.

Looks promising though as does fellow newbie Kristy/Christy whose photos are even more burnt out i.e.not the most useful. Some of the other newbies e.g Mango and another called variously Amelia/Anita/Kelly (who looked a bit like Kristy but I don't think is the same girl) didn't stick around long so if Julie looks like your type then I'd say go sooner rather than later. And do please report back.

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