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Fairly new here ............ have been following the topics on this site for quite some time.

Would really appreciate some input on gorgeous thai escort (from pictures) Winnie at Invasianexcorts.co.uk, have tried the other site and FRs here but no luck.

Being Aisha's girls, I am hoping she is good but would appreciate any inputs from experienced punters.

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She did a short stint at Annabellas Escorts in MK as Sauri. Can't report much despite visiting her there. She looked VERY pretty when she entered the room. She was not willing to wear the stockings and suspenders I brought with me ( she had none of her own and this is my 'stand-by' kit ). As I'm a fanatic for this lingerie we had to part company. I guess she had a hygiene issue but I've never come across this with nylons/suspenders before. I now see that she has disappeared from the Annbellas site so maybe she was pinickity in other ways, too.

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