Can Remember Photo Thats All Its Driving Me Mad!

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I can only remember the picture of this WG And I really want to meet her. LIkely tags and giving domination. Young 18-20? London. giving WS

It was an underexposed dark picture she was in a corner looked about 20 long dark (black hair) smiling (big teeth) naked standing in a corner. And she looked caucasian.

I saw it in the last 2 days but cant find it ! Please anyone got a better photographic mememory than me?

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Oh yeah, THAT photo.

It is a great one, isn't it?

If you saw it on your PC, have you thought of taking a look through the history settings on your browser, as the page may still be there?

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You might like to try the Search function on the purple site and this should help you if she's listed there.

The function will let you search on all the following variables:

- age range

- whether the listing has pictures or not

- colour of hair

- long or short hair

- likes watersports (giving) or not

- ethnicity

You can narrow down which ones you think have white teeth!

BTW it would be a hell of a lot ewasier of you mentioned her location if you knew it! Inside London? Glasgow? etc

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