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New Location-specific Board Appropriate?

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Not sure if it's OK to raise this idea here or if it should have been a PM to Galahad.

I was in favour of the idea but the one most local to me, MK, is proving to be a touch ordinary, partly because of the shared running of the busiest business.

No matter, no question of asking for it to be discontinued.

Rather, it reinforces my wish that I would like to see Birmingham added to complete the 'big 4'.

Brum has nearly twice as many current FRs as the fifth location and is called the second city even if there is no question of it earning that name from its punting reputation.

But that is my point really.

I would hope that having its own thread would help maximise the discussion and therefore shared knowledge about the scene and promote use of the better of the opportunities that exist.

I can't begin to count how many parlours there are let alone indies and anything in between but it is considerable and being located plum in the middle of the country it would be a conveneient stopping off point for so many people travelling.

Just an idea.


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a touch boring?

Not sure if you're referring to my post or re-wording my ref to MK.

I think you can see what I mean, though, in that the main establishments are uniformly (not boringly) of a high standard with the same sort of qualities and many of them.

Birtmingham is much bigger and lights tend to be hidden under bushels as it - and its punter community - doesn't promote itself very effectively.very well.

Proof: Most contact mags are Birmingham/West Mids based and still sell well...

[You did mean my post,didn't you :( ]

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