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Starting A Poll Topic

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A few years ago poll topics were quite common, and I even started one or two myself.

I noticed only after I just tried and failed to create a poll topic that there seem to be no new ones these days. Have other people had my problem and then given up?

The only apparent way now to set up a poll when you start a new topic is to call up the "Manage poll topic" link. That gives you a panel for stating questions and the possible answers. So far so good. The only way forward I can see when you finish listing these is to use the "Finished" button. Still so far so good. But then when I preview the post, there is no sign of any question or poll. The material created seems to have vanished.

This isn't the way things worked a few years ago. The software may have been changed.

Of course I could try to make the posting anyway and see whether the poll shows up on the board even though it doesn't appear in the preview. But then it seems most likely to me that the poll question and the alternative answers won't show up in the new topic anyway. I don't want to take the risk of posting a pollless poll.

Any ideas on how to get around the problem, anyone?

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