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Melody Of Nottingham Anyone Know Where She Went?

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Used to see a great lady in Notts called Melody late 20's black girl one of the best punts ever.

Profile on the other site went about 18 months ago anyone know where she went?


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Stealth - I too asked this question around a year ago and got no replies.

Saw her in April 2011, and she was awesome. Very polite, friendly, willing, and great fun. She left me great feedback and asked that I visit again. Like you planned to and for longer, but soon after she went awol.

Real shame, as she was superb, and rates of one of my top 5 punts. She did work in Leeds before Nottingham.

My theory is that her bloke has been released from prison......

Similar thing happened to an Indian lady from the West Midlands - hotstuffxxx. ALthough she was a student, she had teriffic feedback (100+) and again was a very willing partner where anything goes. Her profile was hacked or ** asked for verification which because being Indian and in a strict Hindu culture, was hard for her todo this, (she admitted concern for confidentiality) so she created another called Indian Delight.But soon after getting her hotstuff profile back, she too went AWOL. Her email addresses are now dead. Saw her 5 times and she never clockwatched, never left me disappointed.

To lose two of my favourite punts within months has been a big blow. Still looking for a suitable replacement.

Anyone any info at all - by PM please.

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