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Edinburgh Sauna Scene 10 Years Ago

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I used to go LLS often (too often) from around 2000 to 2005. For the first few years

there was a woman in her mid 20s called Kerry (about 5"2 mid-build local).

My punting gradually wound down after my regular girl left. (about the same era there was a girl called Nicola,

a chubby cute girl also local, another girl called Melissa comes to my mind)

In those days I found most girls there were very good looking and nice, receptionists friendly.

Now Im thinking of paying a revisit.

Has LLS changed from those days? Still a good place? Is the parrot still there? (Pls spare me the

Monty Python joke). Does anyone remember Kerry and if by any chance she is back in the business?

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It's still there as is the parrot, or was two years ago. No idea re the three WGs you mention. Friendly receptionist still there.

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