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Trip Number 14 - Back With A Vengence

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Well, this will probably be the shortest trip report ever. As people will know, I usually do a fairly regular day by day report but this one has been so hectic, the laptop has only come out once and that was to load up my iPod the the flight home.

The trip can be split into 3 separate parts.

Part 1

I landed in Pattaya about 9pm. Met up with my 2 mates who were already in country and we went on a bar crawl. I did my usual of ending up pissed as a fart and ended up in Hammers new bar on Soi Diana. What happened was a bit of a haze. I was determined not to go home alone so was going to barfine a girl I had taken from there before.

We talked for a while and I don't quite remember what happened but there was another one who interested me more. Eventually, I think my mate sorted it all out and I ended up taking the other girl home. I had already told her that I was too drunk and tired for boom boom that night, so we would sleep then do tomorrow. She was 30 years old, slim good looking and no kids.

Mai pen lai was her reply and off we trotted. True to form, I slept then we spent a good part of the morning/afternoon in bed having several sessions. An enjoyable time, when we parted she asked if I wanted to see her tonight but I had already arranged to see Alice from FLB.

So on night 2 we all headed off up WS to meet up with Alice. In the bar she was great, friendly, attentive and full of fun. I decided to pay bar and off we went for a bite to eat at Pattaya Beer Garden, on the way I mentioned that I was off to Hua Hin in 2 days and was looking to take somebody, this is where things changed.

In the Beer Garden she never spoke a word to me, instead just talked to my mates 2 girls. I had a quick chat with my mate and he agreed it would be best to ask her to leave. So I gave her 500 baht, said it wasn't working to which she agreed and off she trotted back to the bar.

I can't work out just exactly what she is after, but she is certainly a complicated person.

So sod it, off to Cherry Bar and last nights girl jumped on me. As it was late and I only had 1 night left before Hua Hin. I decided to take the risk and offered to pay bar for 6 days and asked her if she wanted to go to Hua Hin. She was over the moon and agreed straight away, so deal done and off we went.

We had another night in Pattaya then 4 days in Hua Hin, then another back in Pattaya. All that time I could not fault her, she didn't put a foot wrong. Was attentive, friendly, got on well with my mates and their girls and never refused me when I wanted a bit of slap and tickle. She was an absolute diamond.

On the morning after the night back in Pattaya following Hua Hin, she got up to shower around 11am. This was not unusual, she would normally shower then come back for another session but she came out of the shower dressed.

I was like, WTF have I done wrong, so I asked what was up. She was apologetic saying she had tried to take medicine in HH to stop her period, but she had come on. She wasn't lying because there was blood on the bedsheet. She was going back to work bar but couldn't go with anyone because she was on. Fair enough. Part 1 done, a total of 8 nights with her, the 1st time I had only had 1 girl for so long at the start of a trip.

Part 2

I went back to buy her a drink that night, she was quite drunk, so I paid bar for her to go home as she wasn't feeling well either because of coming on. For this part of the trip I searched in vain for an overnight companion, so ended up just having a few ST's down the 6 and in Ban Chang. The icing on the cake was one night in Drinking St. We were having a beer in Utoo Bar when me and my mate went for a walk up to check out the talent, and spotted a girl a few bars up.

We sat down for a drink, I smiled a couple of times but got ignored. Then this big fat greasy haired dirty Arab sat at the stool and she was all over him like a rash. Now whilst I am no Brad Pitt, I am always showered and dress presentably. So I thought fuck it, stick to ST's for a few days.

The idea was to take Nuch to Koh Samed (you may remember the girl I had problems with from my last trip), now I know that I am a glutton for punishment but I though if things may be different if she was away from Pattaya. When we come back from HH, she was supposed to be coming out with me and my mates for a Chinese, but once again she let me down. That was the straw that broke the camels back, and she is now history in that way.

She has an boyfriend who comes quite regular but she was still adamant that she wanted to stay with me sometime. That looks more and more like bullshit, and she just wanted me to come see her in the day to buy her drinks. This meant now I was now only 3 nights from my side trip to Koh Samed so I made the decision to ask the 1st girl.

I texted her and asked if she wanted a barfine from the night before and the 2 nights in Samed. To her credit she said that her period would probably not finish until the 2nd day of Samed, but I told her I didn't care and I just wanted her company because she was such good fun. She agreed so I had a few ST's as I say, then picked her up the night before we left.

Part 3

We had a nice night out the night before Samed till 5am, then me and my mate headed down for our 2 night jaunt. We stayed at Samed Villa right on the beach front and had a really nice time. True to form, my girl was on the 1st night but did say she might be ok the next afternoon evening. Anyway, on the 2nd day we spent it on the beach. Then we went back and showered. The joke had been that I would have to chag wow (or whatever the spelling was), but she came out of the bathroom and lay next to me. "Baby, you have to work now". "Eh ?" Oh I get it, and we had a great session, there was a small amount of period left but not enough to spoil the mood.

We had a great couple of nights out in Samed, having a right laugh with a bunch of gay Thai men on the 1st night, a couple of nice meals on the beach at night and a couple of cocktail sessions at a bar up the road.

As with HH, my girl was faultless and didn't change a bit. We would have stayed another night in Samed, but funds were dwindling and I had kept my room on at the Vic so we went back. On the last night I asked her to stay with me until I went home, which she did. I was a little worried she may become complacent but to her credit she was the same on my last night as she was on the 1st, she was a real diamond and one of the good ones.

An incident on the last day finally confirmed what I should have realised a long time ago about Nuch. I popped in on the afternoon to wish her farewell, she asked if she could see me that night and why didn't I take her to Samed. I told her it was because I had a girl already. She then told me she would have seen me on the night but 2 girls who were sat at the bar were her friends and she was taking them out up WS. She then asked what I was doing, I said we were all going for a meal then a farewell drink in the Metro. I asked if she would be in later with her friends as to be honest, I was going to rub her nose in it with my girl but she said no.

Anyway, we ended up in the Metro and guess what. She was in there, not with her mates, but a lad and they left together. She blanked me completely proving once and for all that she is a manipulating lying user. And not a very nice person at all. She even had to gall to text me on my way to the airport asking if I would keep in touch. Well, I have sent her a not so very nice message telling her exactly what I think of her and asking her not to contact me again. And that when I come in May, if she is still working there she is not to speak to me unless it is asking what I want or if I am checking bin. Well and truly Jonny Wilkinsoned.

A few thoughts on my side trips.

Hua Hin

I am glad I took a girl there. Whilst the beach in lovely and there are quite a few bars around, when we were walking about I really struggled to see anything that stood out. In fact I only saw a handful who would grab my attention for a drink and an interview. I don't think I would return, the journey just doesn't make it worth it in my view.

Koh Samed

A lovely place, but you definitely have to take sand to the beach. If you are young and fairly good looking you may be able to score with a local or a tourist, but if you want a guarantee, you definitely have to take a girl. I would definitely return, but would take someone with me.

Overall, one of my best trips ever. My girl made it I suppose, and this is the only time I have done LT's with only one girl. I would definitely see her again, but fear that she will be snapped up before my return in May. Time will tell. Thanks for reading.

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Interesting report, KP. I'm on a family holiday in the south of France right now but would have happily traded places with you for most of our rain-sodden trip. You seem to be gravitating toward my own approach to punting in LOS, that of settling on one local maiden who meets practically all of my needs and shunning much of the frenzy of Walking Street and NEP for most of the time I'm there. It took me quite a few visits to the Mysterious East over the years to achieve enlightenment but it took Buddha most of a lifetime to achieve his and I suspect that I've had a lot more fun and hope that you will, too. ;)

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I never thought I would spend another trip with 1 girl as long (I did on my 2nd trip), but I was becoming tired with the hunt and all the shit that comes with it.

I had a great time with Porn, and couldn't fault her in any way. She never caused a minutes trouble and if she is around in May, could well be another long time barfine.

I'll still have to sneak off for the odd ST though. :D

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