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Virgin Payg Big Talk Tariff.

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An excellent deal on offer on Virgin PAYG if you want minutes and texts, no internet access with this one though which i dont need anyway, but their is a new net and text tariff as well, mentioned below. A £15 a month top-up gets you a 300 minute and 50 text bundle BUT on the first of the following month their new Big Talk tariff not yet advertised on their site gives rewards of 120 minutes to mobiles plus Unlimited Texts plus Unlimited calls to landlines starting 01 and 02, so 420 minutes in all to mobiles. Unlimited seems to be 3000 texts with Virgin though but they say the calls to landlines are truly unlimited, i said what if i made 10000 minutes of landline calls, they said thats ok. A £10 top-up gives you a paltry 150 minutes and 25 texts bundle BUT you get the 120 minutes to mobiles and the Unlimited calls to landlines, not the unlimited texts though. They do offer another new tariff that offers more texts and data, called i think Big Data and Texts which for £15 a month offers unlimited texts and they say totally unlimited net access, although i bet there is some kind of fair use limit.

£20 a month top-up gets you a bundle of 500 minutes and 100 texts plus the above 120 minutes to mobiles, Unlimited texts and Unlimited calls to landlines as a reward on the 1st of the following month.

So if you ring a lot of landlines on your mobile as i do its a particularly good tariff/reward deal in my view. Virgin say numbers starting 03 arent included in this Big Talk tariff. However, all 03 numbers i have rang werent chargeable and came out of my bundle minutes. Virgin told me the new tariff is open for anyone who wants to go on it, ring them first and speak to them obviously. They sent me a text about it as i was already a customer. If you take out or switch to either of these new tariffs by the 30th of this month and top-up £10, £15 or £20 (it takes up to 24 hours to update you onto them) on the 1st of November the rewards will get added.

If ringing 0800/0808/0500 numbers usually chargeable from mobiles if you dial 01635 774305 and do as asked and type the 0800/0808/0500 number you want out and then select the hash key the call will come out of your minutes allowance and not be chargeable. Service run by

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