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Planning a celebratory punt next week and interested in meeting Brooke Jameson of Maxes Angels. Has anyone had the pleasure and is able to provide feedback?

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i have seen brooke. the fr above seems accurate but i would disagree with some of the comments:

-yes she looks muscular, but when i saw her, she was so muscular that she cud have passed for a tranny especially since her face has very strong features. i dont know if she has stopped working out since then and maybe she looks more like a female.

-she can take anal like a champ but, she didnt apply any lube and during my session there was too much friction - so the truth is, although it was kool to arss bang a porn star, in reality, it wasnt pleasurable but rather psychologically pleasing

-her tits have ripples,. u can see the silicon floating around and it was a bit of a turnoff.

-lastly, if she llkes you, she will let u do CIM. i only say this bc she first said to me, cum all over my tits with teh dirty talk, but i asked to cum on her mouth and face, and she said ok sure. after that she spit it all over her boobs like a dirty porn star.

it was an ok punt, not exceptional. i had a better time with poppy for 50 pounds less who also take a-levels like a real pro

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