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Joanne And Claudia Sweet On Ps (Purple Site)

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Anyone seen these two girls? Based in Canada water. 120 for owo,cim and a level. Plus they are young and slim . Anyone had the pleasure? Feedback looks genuine, and I rang and actually spoke to a real person. I'm thinking of paying Joanne a visit tomorrow.

I read a post about us now being able to link to aw

now but hust tried posting and iti wasn't allowed..

I'm thinking of either these ladies ,or shakira or LMP as I've a 150notes ready to spunk.

HOD was on my radar but I've obviously have been out of touch lately as wasn't aware they have raised their half hour rates to 70squid.

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Didn't go see either of these girls in the end (anyone know of them? )

But to close this out, I did go see Maylo in the end on the strength of reviews here and the fact she had her boobs done (I prefer natural, but I prefer well done fakes over small naturals).

It wasn't quite the experience I had read or was expecting,but maybe we just didn't click. She made an attempt at A and managed a few strokes before it became to sore. Cim was recevied well though .

In summary, I think it was more my fault as I didn't really fancy her so didn't make much effort. . Plus found myself questioning myself evwr since I saw this other Thai girl before who had rather large feet (smoking rack and arse though ) I've had it in my mind that there are possibly some TGs who could have undergone some really really convincing surgery .

Would I return? Nah. Would I recommend..? Not sure as on the strength of the comments on this forum I think my opinion would be in the minority anyway. Think I'm going to keep to my 120 quid per hour punts for a little while.

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