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After hours at psuk romford

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Tonight something very worrying happened at Pure Sesnuality premises

Maggie was working her last appointment of the day arrived at 5.45 finishing just before 7pm. She had just finished straightening the premises when was about to leave when the intercom buzzed.. A man with a gruff slurish voice said he had come for his appointment.. Maggies last appointment on a Thursday is 5:45pm..

She told the man that she is finished for the evening and that we work on an appointment system only...

Thinking the man had gone away she was then shocked the front door bell rang... The man then covered the peephole so that Maggie could not see him.... she did not open the door.

The man then went away and then rang the intercom again.... Maggie called to make sure no appointment had book.... she was very scared.... NO appointment had been booked.

I and my assistant drove imediatly where we found a very anxious Maggie waiting.... During the short amount of time in reaching her.. the man had pressed the intercom several times and once again gone to the front door... we are two floor up and he must of gone up and down several times.

Anyone who works in the area be VERY AWARE.

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