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With the notable exception of Carol"s Sauna which is under investigation

Nice of them to advertise one particular establishment eh?

The article says TWO saunas are under investigation. Wonder which the other one is?

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". . . . Carol’s Sauna, in Easter Road, is subject to an investigation.

Lauren Fox, who objected to that sauna, told the committee: “Not only is it known for being a brothel, but on the website there are reviews from customers. Women working there are just as vulnerable and at risk of abuse, violence and trafficking as those working on the streets, if not more, as it is behind closed doors.”. . . "

So, Carols is under investigation because Lauren Fox (Who she? Local busybody perhaps) claims that sexual activities go on there. . . ??? Well, DUH!! Same as all the other saunas, Lauren.

I can say I've been behind those closed doors many, many times and have never come across any evidence of abuse, violence or trafficking. It's a very friendly place with a relaxed atmosphere, although I must admit that sexual shenanigans do go on there. :eek:

. . . . and they will be going on when I visit in the next few days. :)

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