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Came across this very attractive, and I think new, addition: Lorna at Penthouse Angels a.k.a Amy at Supreme69.

Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of her? She ticks all the boxes pysically for me: young, slim, great smile, incredibly sexy!

If I go with her I will of course go through Superme69 - £200 is already almsot too much but Penthouse Angels have her down as £250!!

Grateful any information

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Still seeking information on this girl. Actualy tried to see her yesterday and had the least professional service I'd ever encountered - and never got to meet the girl!

Around lunchtime, made a booking for later in the afternoon through Supreme69. Text came back with details and asking me to confirm. I texted confirmation back. Appointed hour came and I got in a taxi and pulled up outside her building. Buzzed the apartment and the door was unlocked and I entered. Climbed the stairs and found her door. Knocked. Waited. Knocked. Waited. Knocked. Waited. Knocked. Waited.

Texted agency. They said they would phone her and ask her to open. Nothing. Sent new text explaining still no answer, received text, "Sorry."

Texted, "Wasted afternoon off work. Taxi ride. No explanation. Appreciate the 'sorry' but not a happy punter".

Response: "She said she forgot about job, left to the shop. Can meet u in 10 mins. I'm so sorry."

Texted, "Now at [miles away]. Too late.

Response, "Sorry darling."

And punters get accused of being time wasters!

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