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Potentially Dangerous Man- Edgware Road London

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I have put this post on saafe- and in my blog on adultwork,

I do not want any woman to be put in the same situation.

I was working at Edgware road today,

and a british sounding man rang me today asking for a half an hour appointment.

I said fine no problems, I had no thoughts to question that something was up.

The young, black man arrived on time.

However when he arrived, he was rather abrupt.

He did not say hello or barely looked at me. Unusual for a horny man :)

He asked to use the bathroom straight away, I showed him where it was.

I went to the kitchen to get some water, he followed me in (which doesn't normally happen)

Most clients on a first meet would not feel comfortable and would have asked where to go.

He then grabbed my ass and said how sexy it was.

Starting to feel very uncomfortable, I could feel something was up!

I told him to come into the bedroom...

He then proceeded to try and grab my chest, so I stopped him and said so you want half an hour yes? well, i need my fee first...

Well that was a mistake.

He then went onto say, he wanted a facial, filming and anal.

After 5 minutes of him trying to hassle me into giving him a freebie, I don;t believe he had any money on him.

He did finally leave me unharmed.

However he picked on me, i was on my own and vunerable, and I have been fortunate enough in the years that I have worked to never feel intimidated by someone.

He really did give the creeps, and i was very shaken up after this.

Have a look on saafe and get him partial number or pm me full details.

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His colour is of course no relevance...


I have been having a nose at other girls profiles on aw and a majority state the "i dont see black guys,"

I thought it may be down to the old myth, but no a lot of women seem to of had a bad experience....

However I have been put in a similar position before with a white man, so clearly it has nothing to do with colour. Seems unfair to tar everybody with the same brush!! But i will not compromise my safety.

My babys dad/my partner is ethiopian therefore I have a mixed race daughter so I am definately not what you could call racist.

I could see him before i answered the door, he was dressed like any other normal young lad, it was just that pushy attitude when he walked in.

I also don't want to be one of these girls who insists on booking through AW first because i understand that some bookings are spur of the moment, im in your area type of thing.

The man didn't ask me any unusual questions for me to see a warning sign!

However when he left- afterwards i received a call from a man saying he was well known in the area i am working, therefore he needs to know if i am working on my own. I then replied whenever someone asks me that question, it creeps me out, so no i will not be seeing you <_<

There are some very strangeeeee people out there!

Who could I report it to??? Surely that was sexual assault, technically at least!! Groping me when told not to!

Sorry i meant to say who else could I report it to- they deleted it adultwork blog, i emailed them and no response as to why???

I thought aw would be better than saafe at showing warnings....

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