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Outcall Wg For Sharing Shower (Wet Hair)

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One of the hotels I often stay during my business trips in London, has an amazing shower. Really big, modern and clean, it is really comfortable for 2.

It is one of my all time fantasies to really share a shower with a wg. The majority of the activities would be done in the cabin. I can hardly call it a cabin as it is really big.

My main concern is that the wg's hair would become wet as well and I am sure not all ladies appreciate this, certainly not on an outcall.

Do you know of any ladies that would be open to this?

I'll open a reverse booking later on, but my trips are always on very short notice, which makes me miss many ladies on a reverse booking..

Perhaps some details:

I would prefer the lady to be between 20-30, slim and facial looks are my number 1 priority.



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See if you can find a bald lady who will remove her wig for the shower activity. I bet there will be one somewhere :huh:

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