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New And Looking For Advice.

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I'm very new to punting and looking to get to grips with how I can start finding the services I'm looking for, so any advice is much appreciated.

Up to this point I have visited a couple of walk ups around soho, and on both occasions I have felt very nervous and awkward, and pretty sure I may have thrown more money at the situation than I needed to simply because of nerves.

The first occasion the girl did nothing to allevaite my nerves and only made them worse with her attitude. The second occasion another girl was much nicer but still the nerves were the main memory!

I guess I have a ton of questions. Don't know where to start......

the best and only other experience I've had learning to punt was going to a massage parlour in chinatown, thinking it may offer sex.

I had an amazing massage and then was offered hand releif and was allowed to touch her as she did so. I found that the least nerve racking and enjoyable, but at the end of the day was looking to have sex, but I don't know the rules of asking for it in those circumstances.

As I say, I have been trying out these early stages of walking up, as I get the impression that visiting a brothel or contacting an escort etc is much more expensive than the walk up option, and I have a very very limited amount of money to put towards this new experience I'm looking to know more about...i may be wrong about I say any insight is appreciated.

I guess what I'd really like to find is to have a few experiences with some oriental girls who i can feel relaxed with, and that won't cost an arm and a leg.

Finally, What is the ettiqutte and what can / can't you expect in these scenarios?

Thanks in advance!


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May I suggest that you tell us your budget and the area you prefer to visit. Then somebody may know the right escort for you.

My advice would be to save a bit more and visit an indie where the situation is far more relaxed and you can have a bit of a chat about what you want.

Read some profiles from AW as well as the web site of the many lovely ladies here. You can never do too much research into this hobby.

Good luck.

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As well as Porker Paul's suggestions i would also look at The London Escort Guide and Sexy Independent Escorts. I have found much delight through these sites.

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