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Sarah Summers

I Have Never Done This Before

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'and will you see me'?

'Yes I will see you'.............

'Can we move the booking forward to tomorrow'?

No time for me to reply before the next email arrives

'I'm very nervous and don't know what to do'

I reply thanking him for the email, I tell him everything will be fine

He cancels

He apologises

I say 'no problem'

... he'll be back :)

All over and done with in the blink of an eye.

It's like that sometimes x

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And with that sort of attuitude the poor guy never will.

I once knew a guy who was like that, he wanted to punt but never got round to actually doing it, I had known him for a long time and we were always playing tricks on each other, so i asked him to help me to move a few items of furniture from a place I knew, ( he had a delivery van) little did he know that it was a parlour he was walking into, and that was how I got him into the parlour.

I dont think he would have done this any other way though was bursting to know what it was like, so I only helped him to achieve the frst step, and am aware that this would not be ideal unless he really wanted to savour the thirll of it all, he now claims it is all my fault he is this way some parlour ladies are reffered too as hookers!.

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