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London Agencies, Etc.

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Hey there, I've been a lurker here for a while. I've been a punter since 1992-ish but I've just had a 6-7 year lay-off as a result of a (now finished) relationship.

It's great to see so many sites like this one offering the sort of information we could only dream about 10 years ago. Thank you to all the punters and WGs here for their input and help.

So what's changed here in London after my long lay off? Well, things have got better, as far as I can see.

10 years ago I used to pay £120 for a 1 hour visit and I had nothing but a vague and disingenuous description over the phone after having phoned a number from a local newspaper.

Now I have images (OK, Photoshopped but that's OK!) reviews, etc.

This year I have used a couple of agencies, Bubbles and VLondon Escorts. Both charge around £120 / hour. Amazing that I'm paying the same price after all this year.

Also, I have been amazed by the quality of the ladies I have met. Intelligent, good to talk to, relaxed. And, physically speaking, they are beautiful ... words fail me.

OK. Of course some are better than others. It depends, I think, on the chemistry between us. Now I'm older I'm less concerned about the quality of a WGs looks and tits or bum and more likely to enjoy the experience if we've had a good chat and a good time.

So, why am I wittering on? well, I just wonder what everybody's experiences are with agencies? And I'm interested in using the purple site more. I like outcalls. I'm living in central London at the moment and I can't find an indie on the purple site near where I live. And they seem more expensive.

Also, I'm looking to travel more in the next year. I've just got back from Brazil which was fantastic but not the cheap place to live it once was. I've been to Thailand before and had an excellent time. I just wondered if anyone had any favourite destinations abroad they could share. (Sorry if that's off-topic).

So there's my two cents' worth. Not really saying anything but, "hi!"

Should I write reviews of the WGs I've met through the agencies.

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Budapest is a great place to visit.

Hungary is a major producer of foie gras and it's much cheaper there than in Paris. Bear in mind that Budapest has the biggest temperature swing of any European capital.

There are quite a few ladies working there. I have only seen Veronica Carso (twice) and she is great company. 300 euros for two hours' incall.

In london I found two indies on AW who are great value: EnglishPippaJayne and Nathalie-Love. £240 and £250 for two hours' incall respectively and no photoshopping. I suspect PippaJayne will go North for Christmas and I know that Nathalie plans to return to London on 29th December.

Happy hunting.

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Thanks for your feedback, Conwy. Maybe I'll try Hungary this summer.

I'll start experimenting with the purple site after Christmas.

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