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Has Shepherds Market Gone Downhill?

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Hello all... I'm a newbe after months of reading this forum I've decided to join in.

I've been out of the uk for some years now but back then it was shepherds market that i punted at almost ever time specially Katia at 30 shepherds market top floor Latvian girl short blond hair and amazing punts now I was told by the maid that she's gone ahaaaaaa :"(.

Walking around this area the other night I see some have closed down and the other that I went to look around was a very big disappointment,

If anyone knows any new good punts in the market please reply.

Thank You!

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I am surprised it's still a punting location at all.

It was perhaps 25 years ago I had my one punt there and many years ago that I ever saw signs of activity.

More recently I used to walk from Hyde Park though to the West End that way and was not surprised it appeared to have gone a change - prime area for going upmarket when even Soho has been largely 'cleansed' by the council; heck, even my favourite cafe has been upgraded out of my comfort zone.

Not a useful response for you but really no surprise such a prime location should be a target for losing its punting element.

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