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Recommendation For Next Few Days? Size 6-8, 18-28, Gfe, Dfk, Cute, Owo, (Cim?)

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I'm visiting London in the next few days, and have been researching, but now I'm lost.

Looking for:



Size 6-8,




Small/medium bust (NOT massive/false!),

Young-looking with cute face (e.g. annuska on AW, or Katia or Vanessa at Barracuda). The face is very important to me, but obviously personal preference is difficult to describe!

OWO (possibly CIM, but not vital)

Asian or white OK

Independent or agency, not parlour.

As I don't get to London often, I want it to be as reliable as possible - no second chance if girl turns out to be nothing like photos or bad service etc!

I did a load of research on AW, really only looking at girls with more than 2 feedbacks, and narrowed it down to 2 EE girls: annuska or divinedeea on AW. But then I did a search in this forum and found bad comments on both of them (annuska being bored and divinedeea being out-of-it)! Has anyone had good/bad experiences with them recently?

So, now I'm rather lost! I don't mind British, EE or asian, but I don't really know where to look now. I've seen some recommendations of asian agencies here, but I'm still a bit wary that photos will not be accurate for them.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

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I'll be staying in Victoria, so anywhere near there or vaguely central would be OK. NOT far north London I guess!

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I have seen annushka few months ago, her pictures are very accurate, looks exactly like on the pictures, young, pretty girl. Services are average, does everything on her enjoy list. Good VHM, she did not seem to be bored when we met, was rather enthusiastic about what she was doing.

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