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This is a follow up to my previous thread "MFM interests" which can no longer been seen on any boards, but is still in the Forum!. So I started a new thread.


Its been a long time since I started off this thread and I have seen some other guys also had interests in MFM 3-somes and DP, but like me they did not have a great deal of success, especially arranging this with other punters. However, I have luckily stumbled across a rather special lady.


I have also tried the escort parties, even the DP parties. It is generally a bit hit and miss. At the escort parties, and I done em all in London, you have to find the right girl, and the right guy, and most of the guys are not into it, and virtually all of the girls cannot be arsed to deal with 2 guys at once, and then there is a massed hoard of guys wanking around you, which can put you off your stroke... DP parties, well once me and this other guy DP shagged this light skinned stunner, great experience, but that was her last appearance.Since then all the girls were, being polite,not to my taste, so I got refunds and left. When I have an MFM or MMMF experince, I prefer it that all the guys are willing, the girl is very willing and there is not additional audience, and that I have found


Also I am getting rather fussier as I get older, I really only want to fuck beautiful sexy friendly big titted slim girls under 35 or younger.That removes about 99% of available girls (that I can afford), so it is difficult to find a girl that meets my sex attraction criteria, and will MFM, MMMF, Alevel, DP, Air-tight and CIM  either with 2 guys or 3!


I will also admit, that the source of this lady (and the MFM experience) I found was rather unexpected, indeed some where above I said "I did not want to use a couple", because it would not feel exciting, the girl would favour her partner, it would just feel like 'playing goose-berry', etc, and I was very wrong. This experience is quite exceptional, the couple want to fuck strangers, the guy likes to watch and join in, and the girl loves to give, and boy does she give!!


Do I have your attention now!!!


I am tempted to end there, but I guess it would be unfair on all you sharers out there, and I have benefited as much as any-one from sharing.


So to for ALL you MFMs, (mmf & fmms), mmmFs, Gang bangers and DP party lovers I strongly advise you go see the couple "Swingers want 2play" on the purple site, ( I believe we are allowed to say AdultWork or AW site now!). They do about 4 meets a week, and they are priced for those who take their hobby seriously. 


I have been having some serious fun with them, "Susan and Tony", they are called, Susan is the one with the big tits! Tony is a friendly guy, who clearly wants to fuck Susan as much as I do, and Susan, well, if I was 20 years younger, I would be in Love. But fortunately, at my current age, I just love fucking her, every-where I can!!!. So far I have done 4 different positions of DP with them, and I didn't even know there were that many!


Your Questions?

I know you guys are going to ask, cant see her face, is she pretty? yes she is gorgeous, Are the photo real of her/them? Yes they are all real, (my cock is in 1 of the picture - for real). What sex acts does she do? Everything they say they do.  Are they English. Yes they both are. etc etc etc


Please enjoy boys, but please do not badger me with questions. Please do not PM me about this.


And don't take all the appointments, leave some for me.....



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