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Care Home Shipping In Prostitutes.

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I read with interest that a care home has been shipping in Escorts for the benefit of some of its clients.


They put a red sock on the door handle, apparenlty to show that they should be disturbed.


Thoughts on this? Not the red sock byt the way!


I have worked in a care home and witnessed what goes on. IT was also the subject of a post some months ago.


When the care home manager witnessed one gentleman sitting on a ladies bed with his arm around her, she commented 'Well thay are over 18 and single, so what can we do'.


Is it immoral to ship ladies on to service these peoples needs? One chap in the care home had a good supply or booze and porn. Is that wrong?


One, rather gross, sorry aspect does strike me: the bedrooms often smell of pee, if not worse and many of the residents are only given bed baths every so often, so I can't see them being the cleanest, freshly showed people?



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Ah, missed that, probably as the subject didn't include some key words...


My hated posts on Facebook:


Guess what.


Well, that's it then, no more.


I'm so down.




Don't worry, I nearly didn't read the other post as I thought it was doing to be about fisting  :unsure:

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