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I have long suspected that London Sexiest are submitting fake reviews to Punternet and I know I am not alone in my suspicions.

I have noticed a little quirk in some of their reviews which I believe adds to the evidence that they are fakers even if it does not prove it.  This quirk is the use of the hyphenated form "deep-throat" as opposed to writing the phrase as two seperate words.  This occurs in 7 reports by (supposedly) 5 different authors: 112427 (by Logi69), 112250 (DocumentX), 112087 (DocumentX), 111915 (DJ602), 111863 (MikeFR), 111316 (ReplayNick), 110943 (DJ602).

I tried to use the PN FR search to find how often the hyphenated form occured in other FRs but without success.  I decided to search manually through the last 100 FRs.  Of the last 100 published FRs (excluding London Sexiest FRs), the term "deep throat" occurs 5 times, "deep throating" 1 time, "deepthroat" 1 time also, and "DT" 1 time again, the hyphenated form "deep-throat" does not occur at all.

Compare this to the numbers from London Sexiest's 27 positive FRs: "deep-throat" 7 times, "deep throat" 2 times and "DT" 2 times.  (So note also that deep throat seems to be massively more common in London Sexiest FRs, being reported in more than a third of their FRs against less than a tenth of the last 100 PN FRs overall!)


This is just one more thing to add to the other parallels between reviews for this agency from supposedly different people: the disproportionate occurence of rimming; the disproportionate occurence of prostate massage; the absolute fixation on cumming twice (seems to happen for every FR author for this agency, every time!); the tendency to post the London Sexiest FR among others as if attempting to cover their tracks (of three FRs for London Sexiest published in the last batch, 12 Feb, every one is found next to another FR by the same author for some other girl at some other agency, all of which could very easily be based on previously published reports for the same ladies by genuine punter); the OTT praise in their London Sexiest FRs when compared to the tone of the same authors' other FRs.


My advice to the cautious punter would be to avoid this agency and to not trust any FRs by any reporter who has submitted a postive FR for London Sexiest.

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Yes,they are all written by the same person who wrote the FRs for Groovy Babes,Project Pleasure,Candyshop Escorts and Abeautifulamore. These have all been deleted and when Galahad finally gets round to deleting London Sexiest,he will try again using another agency name.


There are two other things they have in common. All contain just one paragraph and he uses a small i when referring to himself.

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