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Ireland, WG attacked.

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A message I recieved today and cut n pasted it here, as always keep any replies strictly to anything that can help this man be locked up.

"I was the one that was attacked by a guy thursday to friday midnight in my apartment. I met this guy before this year and he was very fine client. Everything went ok at that time. After that he contact me few times because he want to see me again, but we never managed to make an appointment until now. He was always very nice on the phone. So when he contact me thursday night very late, he never sounds agressive or on drugs or anything and was nice again. First I didn't want to see him because it was late already, but he beg me so to meet him that I thought ok let me make an exception, I saw him before and he was ok so.

He came and I let him in, he didn't say any word and was just smilling.

While I was walking to the bedroom in the hallway he bang a motorbike helmet on my head from behind. I turn and he start bashing my head and face with the helmet. I scream my lungs out for help. I don't remember but poilice told me later that I managed to get to the door and was half in half out when a neigbour save my life by pulling me out the apartment. If the neigbour didn't do so I probably be dead by now. The guy then jumps from the bedroom window and runs away. I dont remember anything else until I wake up in the morning in the hospital.

As you see by those pics I sent, he deform my face completely and smash my tooth out.

Right now I don't know how and when I will recover, but I'm mentally very strong and I want to do everything in my power to get better again.

Guys you have to understand why girls ask for references and lots of questions. It's not that we want to annoyed you, but as you see we can never guarantee to be safe, even with clients we met before already. I work in other countries before like USA and asking for references is the norm. Ireland is dangerous and there are a lots of crazy and frustrated people, especially now with the recession out there. We cannot trust anybody, not even regulars anymore.

So please be cooperative and provide the info that the girls ask for. It's not worth the risk to see anybody without references. I learn it the hard way and I should be dead by now if I wasn't so lucky. If I ever succeed to recover from this I will completely change my way of working and so all the girls in Ireland has to do so. Guys please understand this and stop complaining all the time.

Also thanks for all the support and good wishes that I recieve from all the community.

Thanks so much, Godbless "

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I know of Jessie not personaly but she was very helpfull to me and gave me lots of advice when deciding to tour Ireland this year

I saw the pictures that Jessie posted of her attack on E.I and they were awfull but illustrated to the point the danger that is often dissmissed for escorts

Jessie attack was done by someone she had seen before as well

I truly hope that jessie recovers from this horrible attack and that the man gets the proper sentence for what he did

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