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Sussex Area Recommendations

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Hi All,


With the combination of still being fairly new to this, and the excellent advice I received before my first booking from the community. I was hoping for a bit of advice/feedback for the next booking.


The first meeting I made was through an agency, which to be honest was an excellent experience with the agency being great to deal with. However, with a combination of different location and a need for an incall as opposed to an outcall it is not possible to use the same agency. Also from when I originally posted it was recommended to go with an independent from the aspect of direct contact from the first step. I’m kind of hoping to find someone who I am comfortable seeing on a semi-regular bases so again I see an independent as a good option.


Location wise would be Sussex area, though happy to travel a bit further if needs be. The only exception would be Brighton, as this being the area I live in I would feel uncomfortable if it was an area I knew.



As my rambling post might suggest – In addition to being new to this I’m a fairly shy person, so would be looking for someone with confidence that would take the lead and the general GFE cliché. If there is anybody based in the Sussex area that can provide feedback on the above names (please pm me for AW names) or any additional recommendation that would be fantastic. In terms of preferences, age range would be between 23 and 35 ish, and hopefully the names above provide an idea of type.


Many thanks in advice for the feedback/advice, if there are any additional details which I’ve missed off please just ask.

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