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Women Buying Sex From Men - 2Nd Year Phd Research

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Not another academic I hear you sigh!


Afraid so, although some of you may remember me from back in 2011, where I conducted  Masters' research with male partners of female escorts. Several board members participated, the project received a distinction and will hopefully be published in the future. The thread can be found here:


Also, my undergraduate dissertation from 4 years ago was condensed into a journal article and published, found here:


So, my doctoral research is shifting the focus to female consumption of male sexual services. I realise Punternet is geared towards female providers and male patrons overall, but there will no doubt be exposure to both women who have paid for sex as well as men who have provided sexual services.


This research aims to conduct interviews (either face-to-face, over the phone, over the internet / MSN / Skype / good old fashioned email etc) with:


1) women who have booked men as escorts, for whatever purpose


2) men who have worked as escorts for women


3) aspiring male escorts who have had little success in the market (for example, few or no bookings, being ripped off by agency fees who then don't deliver any clients)


Many thanks for taking the time to read. I can be contacted at



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As male service providors are off-topic for this board anyone who thinks they can help please reply by PM - the thread is locked.

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