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Best Places In Europe For Punting 2013 - Price And Quality

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I'm sure theres a few threads like this every year but I thought I'd create one for updated information in the glorious year of 2013.


I'm planning my holiday with a few mates this summer and we're looking to go to somewhere cheap and cheerful for a lads week away.


Now, apart from the usual tickboxes like good weather and cheap booze, I'm taking the punting scene into account as well.


So what countries in your experience had both cheap and good punts (compared to UK)?


From what I've read, from old threads in this forum and other sites, northern cyprus seems to be pretty good in terms of price. Germany and Holland come well recommended but they are more expensive than escorts in the UK.


I've not seen Spain or Italy mentioned, does anyone have any experience in these countries? I have a thing for the mediterranean ladies see :D



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