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Sex and the disabled

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I have a regular gentleman i go to see, every 2 months or so, who is disabled. He may only want a few basic things but he always seems to have such a big smile on his face when i leave. He always has a bottle of wine, which we share and makes me feel very welcome and appreciated. I remember him telling me that one girl, who he booked before me, took advantage and stole his camera and a few dvds and he was of course, powerless to stop her. I can understand why some wouldn't want to see ladies when some are around to do this to them.

I think it's a nice idea when girls offer services to people who can't come to visit them for incalls and go to their homes instead. It gives many of them to feel the loving touch of a man/woman. I mean, let's face it, we are all human and deserve to be made to feel special. One of the reasons i became an escort was because of this. A loving touch, even a simple cuddle/kiss does wonders for the soul :D

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I quite agree that disabled people should not miss out on intimate pleasure and have met a few physically disabled men myself.

These were mostly in call appointments and with men who had either Parkinsons disease in varying stages or men who were fairly mobile and independent but sadly presented problems for me.

One man suffering from Parkinsons had involuntary spasms and his arms thrashed about so much he elbowed me in the face and then he broke the headboard. :)

Another with Parkinsons had a "funny turn" and had to find his pills quickly! This was quite worrying to me but all turned out ok.

One memorable client who I saw several times did not have the use of one arm and coping with permanent effects from a severe stroke meant that although he drove his car, he used calipers to walk and took a very long time to get out of the car, walk to my main door, get himself into the block and then through corridors to my flat. Before you ask why I did not assist him, he always insisted on doing everything himself as far as getting to my flat and back from his car... such was his independence. His struggle attracted far too much attention from neighbours.

But once in my flat I had to insist that he accepted my help with undressing as if I had waited for him to do it, it would have doubled our appointment time. He also had a body odour problem and would ask that I used a "damp cloth" under his arms.


The whole experience was unpleasant and I had to stop the visits.

One man I visited was severely disabled due to a terrible accident and while he was a nice guy, it was extremely difficult to have any conversation with him as he could barely talk. I had long bookings and overnights with this guy. One visit, I arrived to find his door open and he was in bed drunk. So he didn't wet his bed he kept a bottle by the side and I helped him with this.

Some appointments go above and beyond the call of duty and no amount of money is worth it.

I know ladies who have visited disabled guys who were already prepared by their carers or even mothers !!! for the escort's visit. I have not been lucky enough to have this experience.


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