Attractive Short Hair Blonde Advice?

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I am interested in meeting a blonde with short hair. There are a few listed at some of the main sites like Mika at Admiral Escorts (cannot find any reviews) or Jamie (has had a few underwhelming comments on this site). Anybody have advice on a really attractive blonde with short hair?


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Anabel of Mayfair in my opinion is very attractive. I really fancied her and used to see her quite a bit when she moved to London. She is a lovely person, very well spoken and genuinely enjoyed anything to do with sex. She admitted to being a nympho but now at increased price of £200ph I choose not to see her anymore - I think she has become a little hardened by the industry. She offers a reduced service to when she started out but nevertheless I'm sure her GFE service is probably quite good as many have commented.

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