My First Agency Oriental..annabelle, Lilly, Zizzi Or? Help!

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Hi Guys. You pointed me in the right direction a while ago, so now have done some narrowing down..


Completely out of the blue this one...Thanks to those vids on asian options..I now have my eye of Annabelle. I would not of otherwise considered her on her pics really. It's her eyes that have got me..reminds me of juliette of my fav actresses..very, very naughty looking lady. I did notice in her vid that they are careful not to show her stomach I'm guessing maybe something to hide? No big deal..those eyes get me big time. She also looks quite skinny..and I'm hoping that is the case?  Anymore feedback on her would be good..she sounds quite naughty. Please she? Sounds a bit like that Leila/Lucy type, who sounds good, but a bit of a trek for me unfortunately.

Does Annabelle go under any other name?


Lilly/Maya is joint no.2 on my list with Zizzi.


I think Lilly's feedback speaks for itself. A definite contender for me.


Re: Zizzi..obviously I'm considering to book, but I seem to have seen quite a lot of ..'NO DFK', or even FK, in feedbacks...would that be standard experience with you guys..or is it a case of ymmv?  Kissing, for me I'm almost critical and would make the difference to booking Zizzi or not.


I also really really fancy that Emma. Not much feedback tho and just put off by no 'A's...a real shame that. Nice, nice body on the video. Wish she looked into camera tho on the vid...that can make a massive difference...hence Annabelle!


So its F.Kissing at very least, DFK better...with A level's, and all natural, petite...and really genuinely loves being naughty! 


Any other suggestions welcome!


By the way...the pre-occupation with A's my first time!


Cor...taken me hours to narrow it down to these few to go get a cold shower!


Will put the report in when the deed is done!


Thanks Guys.


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My main advice is not to get so hung up on the kissing. Most orientals don't do that with much conviction anyway. Better to focus on the other delights.


Based on all-round service quality, my ranking order is:


Zizzi - star quality

Lilly- good quality

Annabelle- fair to middling, and not as petite as the others.


The other petite-natural star who ought to be in the frame is Marisa/Love.

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when i was with zizzi we did alot of kissing, just that im not a fan of DFK, but she tried it on ehehehe maybe should try all and see which takes your pick

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If she is around Shakira - takes some beating.


Shakira's great but she's enhanced and the OP wants 'all natural'


In all honesty I cant think of a single asian wg who fulfills all his criteria  :blink:


but I'd sure as hell love to meet her !!!

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  He posted in April  , said he would report back  ?  wonder what happened to his first  booking ? 

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